True love

Especially for a sensitive human who gives it all. But, I know that my God is mighty to save! For only he can heal and recover me. I will only draw closer to him in this hard time. For with everything in him, he will protect my heart. AND IT IS ENOUGH! His love and his just pure goodness satisfies. I don’t deserve this type of of love. I don’t understand it. I’ve run away and chased others, but still, you were always waiting for me. Thank you God!
For you are the lover of my soul.


So I’m in a room with a bunch of people who honestly I don’t care know -(I’m sure they’re thinking the same. In stead we smile at each other) taking a defensive driving class cause I got a speeding ticket. I hate this already and it hasn’t even started yet :P 6 more hours…


Its amazing that something that is purely sound can have such an impact on people and their emotions. There’s something about it that makes it so addictive and yet so satisfying at the same time. We play it when we’re sad. We play it when we’re happy. We always play it. Music.